The success of an incentive plan relies on much more than a good design and the right metrics.  The plan has to communicate the financial partnership you want to have with your employees.  BonusRight understands this and helps you manage everything that goes into reinforcing  that kind of relationship.

Build your plan.

BonusRight has taken the best practices of incentive plan experts and engineered them into a process anyone can follow.  The tool replaces the usual guess work and confusion of bonus plan design with a system you can easily navigate with the click of your mouse. Plus, you’ll have professional guidance every step of the way.

BonusRight is a plan creation tutor.

Communicate your plan.

The key to an incentive plan that “works” is great communication. BonusRight makes this step both easy and effective by automating the process of plan messaging. You’ll be able produce roll-out materials, create periodic updates and generate participant reports through the same tool you use to engineer your plan.

BonusRight is a plan spokesperson.

Manage your plan.

Bonus plans should be meaningful, not overwhelming. BonusRight takes over the heavy lifting and enables you to effectively manage all aspects of your plan with ease. Adding a participant? No problem.  Adjusting for a promoted employee?  Simple. Handling a termination? Just click your mouse.

BonusRight is plan anxiety relief.

Renew your plan.

A new year no longer needs to feel like you’re starting over. BonusRight has thought of everything you have to consider as you start a new performance period for your incentive program.  Roll your team into a new plan. Or simply renew last year’s plan, modify your eligible group, and update your goals. You’ll be ready to roll out your new plan in no time. With this technology, you can do all this and more without ever leaving our “site.”

BonusRight is plan continuity.


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