With BonusRight, you won’t have to “reinvent the wheel” every time your plan needs to be renewed. You can easily rollover your existing plan with BonusRight’s clone feature or start a brand new plan using the same employee group. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain performance momentum and avoid the pitfalls “re-inventing” always creates.

Renew the same plan for a new year

Perhaps you will want to maintain all the features of last year’s plan and keep the same group of employees. Click a single button and it’s done.

Clone your existing plan for a different set of employees

Maybe you want to keep the same plan components but define a new group of participants. This will take two clicks.

Start a new plan

You can always quickly begin a fresh plan with all new features. You’ve got all the tools right before you.

With BonusRight, all your plans will be stored in one place—whether they were creative drafts that were never used, completed plans from prior years, or the one you’re working on right now. You can easily scan, select, review, and learn from your company’s bonus planning history.


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